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Welcome to the Data 4 Good Challenge! Here, we’ll provide some steps you need to take to secure your place at the Data 4 Good Challenge. The event takes place on November 24 (the whole day from 8:30 am to 11:00 pm), and the main locations are the Irish College Leuven and the OHL stadium in Heverlee. More information can be found in the description on our social event pages. Detailed venue guidelines will be shared closer to the day.

Form your team – 1, 2 or 4 people

You can join the D4GC by yourself, as a team of 2 (you and 1 friend) or as a team of 4 (you and 3 friends). On the day itself, you will participate in teams of 4. If you sign up by yourself or as a team of 2, we will match you to other people with complementary skillsets, in order to create a balanced team of 4 people. If there are any questions concerning group formation don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sign up for the D4GC – Deadline: November 14th, 23:59 PM

Register as soon as possible to ensure your spot in this year’s D4GC. If you are signing up as a team of 2 or 4 people, every individual member must register separately. You will have to provide the email address(es) of your team member(s), so ensure you enter the one(s) they used/will use to sign up.

Confirm your attendance via the check-in – Deadline: November 16th, 8 PM

On November 15th, you will be sent a registration confirmation and be asked to confirm your attendance via a check-in procedure. This is because there are a limited amount of places at the event, and to ensure that no food goes to waste. 

During this check-in, you will write us your workshop preferences. Note that you will be able to attend ONE out of the workshops as preparation for the Challenge. Choose wisely as it could be an advantage for your group to combine knowledge from different workshops. Note that places are limited per workshop. The sooner you check in, the better the chances of getting your preferred workshop. Follow our social media channels in order to receive the details of the workshops. By the check-in time, the summary of the workshops will be fully updated here.