About the D4GC Event

Why the Data 4 Good Challenge?

Data is one of the fundamentals of our society. We want to use this “oil of the digital era” to fuel new research on topics that can be used for ethical, non-profit oriented goals. We provide an interesting cocktail of crash courses provided by experienced tutors on topics that are useful, relevant, and accessible so that everyone can contribute to the project. 

With the D4GC, our aim is to enrich students’ skillset with new experiences on how to analyse and process data in a meaningful manner. Furthermore we aspire to let participants work in an interdisciplinary way, such that they gain new insights from each other and learn to work in a more realistic environment.

Some Cool Facts

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Emergent is a Leuven-based student organization with a focus on Data Science and AI. We increase awareness, develop relevant skills and create a community for data enthusiasts! For students and beyond we offer a broad range of activities including talks, workshops, consulting projects, career events, and challenges such as the D4GC.