NOVEMBER 8th & 9th

What does the D4GC offer?

Crack the Case

Solve a real-world social responsibility problem like poverty, ethics, sustainability using Data Science & AI to create high impact by forming teams.


Get exposure, build your network and learn about career opportunities from our partners across diverse industries.


Win various prizes through testing both technical as well as your soft skills and creating the ultimate pitch for our expert jury.

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Aftermovie Data 4 Good Challenge 2023

About the Event

Our event gathers 160 students together with experts in Data Science, Machine learning & business strategy around the common goal of solving a complex social problem.

On November 8th and 9th, participants will be immersed in the world of Data Science, Business Strategy & Social Responsibility. Through an interactive online workshop of their choice followed by The Challenge, students from all different fields of study will get the chance to diversify their skillsets.

Working in teams of four, students will dive into various datasets, harnessing the power of data to craft innovative strategies for complex societal problems. These solutions will be scrutinized by a diverse panel of judges, including both technical and non-technical experts. The winning teams will walk away with fantastic prizes totaling over €2500 in prize money!

Event Schedule

8th of November

Envision stepping into an academic workshop where the learning isn’t confined to textbooks. With mentors who bring expertise and hands-on challenges, you’ll enhance your skill set, ready to confidently tackle real academic obstacles.

9th of November


Arrive at the Machinezaal Leuven! Make sure to arrive on time, collect your name tag, and let’s begin the day!

During the presentation, we acquaint you with Emergent Leuven, shed light on the Data 4 Good Challenge, and showcase our exceptional corporate collaborators. Furthermore, we outline the schedule for the challenge day and provide insights into what each activity will entail.

During the coffee break and networking session, you’ll have the opportunity to engage not only with fellow participants and Emergent Leuven team members but also with the event’s esteemed partners. This relaxed environment provides a platform to discuss the Data 4 Good Challenge, exchange perspectives, and gain deeper insights into the day’s schedule and the diverse contributions from all parties involved.

We will announce the topic of the competition and explain all the information you need to know for the rest of the day.

Part 1 (Morning-Noon)


When: 8:30am – 12:00 pm

Where: Machinezaal Leuven

OHL Stadium

Please find the instructions here

Transition to the OHL stadium for a lunch break where you’ll have the opportunity to convene with your team members. Recharge with delicious food while collaboratively strategizing your approach to the challenge. Take advantage of the occasion to tap into the expertise of our partner coaches, who will offer invaluable insights and feedback on your ideas.

You’re granted a five-hour window to solve the case, collaborating with your team to devise a solution. Coaches will circulate, offering valuable input, which you should capitalize on to enhance your approach. Utilize the coaching session wisely to refine your presentation, and remember to create your pitching slide in preparation.

Please provide all the generated code, any external references utilized, and the presentation slide deck intended for the pitch submission. Kindly note that the deadline is firm, and no modifications will be accepted after submission. Any form of misconduct will result in the disqualification of your team.

Congratulations on successfully completing the challenge! Now, it’s your turn to present your solution to the judging panel. The schedule will be provided beforehand. Simultaneously, a delectable dinner will be served for you to enjoy. If your presentation is slotted early, you can conclude it and then indulge in dinner. Alternatively, if your presentation time is later, you can dine first and then prepare your pitch. Clear directions to your presentation rooms will also be communicated.

Congratulations! It’s time to unwind and enjoy at the concluding gathering. Winners will be revealed during this event. What comes next? Delight in a fantastic time with Emergent board members, our collaborators, and your fellow students!

Part 2 (Afternoon-Evening)


When: 12:00pm – 10:30pm

Where: OHL Stadium (The King Power At Den Dreef Stadium)