What does the D4GC offer?

Crack the Case

Solve a real-world social responsibility problem like poverty, ethics, sustainability using Data Science & AI to create high impact by forming teams.


Get exposure, build your network and learn about career opportunities from our partners across diverse industries.


Win various prizes through testing both technical as well as your soft skills and creating the ultimate pitch for our expert jury.

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Aftermovie Data 4 Good Challenge 2022

About the Event

Our event gathers 150 students together with experts in Data Science, Machine learning & business strategy around the common goal of solving a complex social problem.

On November 24th, participants will be immersed in the world of Data Science, Business Strategy & Social Responsibility. Through an interactive workshop of their choice followed by The Challenge, students from all different fields of study will get the chance to diversify their skillsets.

Students will work in teams of four to get insights from a number of datasets and use them to formulate a strategy for a complex social issue. Pitches will be evaluated by corporate jury members and the best teams will receive amazing prizes! 

Event Schedule

Irish College Leuven

Arrive at the Irish College Leuven! Make sure to arrive on time, collect your name tag, and let’s begin the day!

At the presentation, we introduce Emergent Leuven, the Data 4 Good Challenge, and our excellent corporate partners. Besides, we explain what the day of the challenge looks like, and what you can expect from each activity.

Attend your chosen workshop and enrich your knowledge! Note that the workshop content may not be directly related to the topic of the challenge. Nonetheless, we promise that every workshop will develop your data & AI skills significantly.

Come back to the Irish College for the challenge announcement! We will announce the topic of the competition and explain all the information you need to know for the rest of the day.

Part 1 (Morning-Noon)


When: 8:30am – 12:00 pm

Where: Irish College Leuven

OHL stadium

Move to the OHL stadium, and enjoy the lunch break! You will get to meet your team members as well. Charge your energy with great food. At the same time, brainstorm together how you would approach the challenge. Don’t forget to consult coaches from our partners who would provide valuable feedback on your idea.

You have four hours to crack the case. You will prepare your solution together with your team members. The coaches will walk around the tables and provide insightful feedback. You should benefit from the coaching session effectively to upgrade your delivery. Don’t forget to prepare your slide for the pitching as well!

Submit all the works you have done. What should be submitted is all the codes you create, any external sources you used and the slide deck you will present for the pitching. Note that the deadline is very strict and none of the changes after the submission is allowed. Any type of misbehavior will disqualify your team.

Well done! You successfully finish the challenge! Now it is time for you to present your solution to the jury. The schedule will be informed in advance. At the same time, a delicious dinner will be served to you. If your presentation is scheduled early, you may finish it first and enjoy the dinner after. If yours is scheduled for later, you may eat first and prepare the presentation. The exact location of your pitching rooms will also be communicated clearly.

Congratulations! You all now deserve to have lots of fun at the after-party. The winners will be announced during the reception. What’s next? Have maximum fun with all Emergent board members, our partners, and fellow students!

Part 2 (Afternoon-Evening)


When: 12:45pm – 10:30pm

Where: OHL Staduim (The King Power At Den Dreef Stadium)

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