The D4GC will be held over two days. The first day will consist of online workshops hosted by our corporate partners, which you can attend from your own location. These workshops will be relevant to the challenge and designed to spark your interest and curiosity about the cutting-edge strategies and technologies used in the data science and AI industries. On the second day, which is the main event day, you’ll be required to attend in person. The event will kick off with a welcome presentation at the Machinezaal and after that you’ll have a moment to network with our corporate partners. Before moving to OH Leuven stadium we’ll introduce the challenge topic of D4GC. Following this, you will participate in various activities, including the challenge itself, jury presentations and meals, all of which will be held at the OH Leuven stadium.

Absolutely! The D4GC welcomes participants with diverse backgrounds, including those who are new to data and coding. While prior experience with either R or Python for data manipulation is recommended, we understand that everyone starts somewhere. To ensure you’re well-prepared, any participant is expected to work in their own development environment and have some basic experience with either R or Python. Don’t worry, though – we’re here to support you. We’ll provide sample code snippets to help you get started on the right track. The event is designed to be a learning experience, and you’ll have the opportunity to attend workshops hosted by our corporate partners on the first day to already get familiar with some coding best practices. Additionally, when forming teams of four on the main event day, you can leverage your teammates’ skills and collaborate effectively. Our corporate partner professionals will provide guidance as challenge coaches, making sure you have the support needed to contribute meaningfully to the challenge. The challenge and prize categories encompass various aspects, ensuring that every participant can showcase their skills and make a valuable contribution.

Of course! Just let us know via a personal mail to Emergent and we’ll make sure you are teamed up together. You will still officially have to register as “two separate pairs” though.

Our event will be held in English, as such all information will be announced in English and participants will be expected to pitch their solutions in English.

You will need to pitch your ideas to corporate judges. We would recommend a smart casual attire!

No, any student can participate. But you need to be a student at a higher education institution to participate (studying a bachelors, masters, PhD, etc). You will also need to come to Leuven to participate on the challenge day itself.

Just a laptop, access to campus wifi, and excitement for the challenge will be sufficient 🙂

Food is provided throughout the whole day for participants!

Participating is free!

The topic of the challenge will be introduced on the day of the challenge itself. Working on the problem before the day is not possible.

Feel free to reach out to us through our socials or use the email provided in the Contact page!

So you all have to register individually. If you want to particpate with other people you can give up the email address(es) of either 1 or 3 other participants. This way we will never have to match a group of 3 with 1 other individual so it won’t be too awkward ;). So either you have formed a group of 4 or 2 or you registered alone. Pairs will be paired with either another pair or 2 indiviuals. An individual will thus be paired with either 3 other individuals or 1 individual and a pair.

We will do the matching based on your background information. We will look at your industry preferences, your study phase & your skill set.