D4GC Information Overview

Day Schedule

Boost your energy in the morning and meet our partners that will coach you to get to the finish line through a delicious breakfast provided in the morning! (location: Machinezaal)

Get excited to learn more about what Emergent & our Partners have to offer you! (location: Machinezaal)

Enrich your knowledge and develop the needed skill set to solve the challenge by participating in a chosen workshop! You can find an overview of the workshop locations below together with a map of the area. (locations: various specified below)

Enjoy a nourishing lunch and get to meet the people you will be working with. (location: Arenberg Castle)

Do we need to say more? 

Ready, Set, Go! (location: Machinezaal)

Dinner will be provided to reward your hard work of the day. 😉  (location: Arenberg Castle)

Pitch your idea to corporate jury members and get the chance to win amazing prizes! (locations: various specified below)

Winners will get their well deserved prize and you are all welcome to stay for free drinks and some more networking! (location: Machinezaal)

Workshop Locations

  1. Crack the Case – McKinsey: KAST 00.29
  2. Presenting with Impact – McKinsey: KAST 01.07
  3. NLP in Practice – Brainjar: TI 01.02
  4. Going wild with Data Visualisation – Algorhythm: TI 01.05
  5. Explainable AI – KBC: PLTK 01.30
  6. Introduction to Power BI – Agilytic: CBA 00.59
  7. Introduction to Predictive Modelling – Agilytic: CBA 01.10
  8. Can we really predict the future? – Time series analysis/forecasting – AE: BOKU 03.10

D4GC Locations & Map Overview


Lunch – Sandwich buffet





Smoked salmon


Curried chicken salad


Breydelham salad


Spring salad



  Cannelloni di carne


Eggplant lasagna with mozzarella – Veggie (♣)


Italian baked sea bass


Vegan alternative (♣♣)


*Comes served with bread and cheese

Challenge Documentation & Data

The documentation will be uploaded when the challenge begins at 1.45pm, 10th Nov. Please collect all your work, put it in a zip file, and upload it. The following needs to be submitted (if applicable):

  • Your slide deck/presentation (in .pdf format)
  • Your python/R/other code (notebooks, scripts, or other types of files, as long as they are editable with freely available software)
  • Your BI tool files (Tableau, Power BI…)
  • If you used cloud software for which you can not download the underlying analysis (e.g. Google Data Studio), or code that can not be opened with freely available software, please take screenshots of everything and upload them as well.

Pitching Schedule

Kindly, make sure to arrive at your pitch location 10 minutes before your alloted time. Your pitch should last for 6 minutes with 3 additional minutes for questions for a total of 9 minutes. 

Room 1: KAST 01.06

Room 2: KAST 01.07

Room 3: BOKU 04.20

Room 4: TI 01.05

Good luck! May the Data Science Gods be with you.