Day Schedule

Arrive at Machinezaal! Make sure to arrive on time, collect your name tag, and let’s begin the day!

At the presentation, we introduce Emergent Leuven, the Data 4 Good Challenge, and our excellent corporate partners. Besides, we explain what the day of the challenge looks like, and what you can expect from each activity. 

Enjoy a hot coffee, a snack and network with our partners.

Time to announce the topic of the competition and explain all the information you need to know for the rest of the day. 

Move to the OHL stadium, and enjoy the lunch break! You will get to meet your team members as well. Charge your energy with great food. At the same time, brainstorm together how you would approach the challenge. Don’t forget to consult coaches from our partners who would provide valuable feedback on your idea. (location: OHL Stadium)

You have fivehours to crack the case. You will prepare your solution together with your team members. The coaches will walk around the tables and provide insightful feedback. You should benefit from the coaching session effectively to upgrade your delivery. Don’t forget to prepare your slide for the pitching as well! (location: OHL Stadium)

Submit all the works you have done. What should be submitted is all the codes you create, any external sources you used and the slide deck you will present for the pitching. Note that the deadline is very strict and none of the changes after the submission is allowed. Any type of misbehavior will disqualify your team.

(location: OHL Stadium)

Well done! You successfully finish the challenge! Now it is time for you to present your solution to the jury. The schedule will be informed in advance. At the same time, a delicious dinner will be served to you. If your presentation is scheduled early, you may finish it first and enjoy the dinner after. If yours is scheduled for later, you may eat first and prepare the presentation. The exact location of your pitching rooms will also be communicated clearly.

(location: OHL Stadium)

Congratulations! You all now deserve to have lots of fun at the after-party. The winners will be announced during the reception. What’s next? Have maximum fun with all Emergent board members, our partners, and fellow students!

(location: OHL Stadium)


Lunch – Sandwich & Wraps*

*Vegetarian, Halal, Vegan menus are served

Dinner – BBQ buffet*

*Vegetarian, Halal, Vegan menus are served


Teams with an odd number: Lunch at Dining room 1 (Corner) & Dinner at Dining room 2 (Panenka)

Teams with an even number: Lunch at Dining room 2 (Panenka) & Dinner at Dining room 1 (Corner)

Challenge Documentation & Data

The web application explains all the information you need to know. Please make sure that the application is open on your laptop during the competition.

Please collect all your work, put it in a zip file, and upload it. The following needs to be submitted (if applicable):

  • Your slide deck/presentation (in .pdf format)
  • Your python/R/other code (notebooks, py files)
  • Your BI tool files (Tableau, Power BI…)
  • If you used cloud software for which you can not download the underlying analysis (e.g. AWS), or code that can not be opened with freely available software, please take screenshots of everything and upload them as well.

Pitching Schedule

Kindly, make sure to arrive at your pitch location 10 minutes before your alloted time. Your pitch should last for 6 minutes with 3 additional minutes for questions for a total of 9 minutes. 

Room 1: Skybox 2

Room 2: Skybox 3

Room 3: Skybox 4

Room 4: Skybox 5

Room 5: Skybox 8

Good luck! May the Data Science Gods be with you.